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A Global Conglomerate Offering Comprehensive and Integrated Services

Topco Scientific was founded by Mr. Yuan-Jan Chang in Taiwan in 1990. Topco Scientific has persisted in practicing the principles of “Diligence, Integrity, Professionalism, and Sharing” and invested in advanced technologies. Under the leadership of Group Chairman Dr. J.W. Kuo, Topco Scientific proactively adopts latest manufacturing processes and technologies. With effective planning, execution, and global logistics management, we aim to provide customers with services of the highest quality and insurmountable specification.


We have strived to meet customers’ needs through consistent good quality, speedy delivery, and prompt service in the fields of high-tech. Our services include the distribution of precision materials, processing equipment, and components required in the semiconductor, LCD, and LED industries. Since our IPO in 2003, we have been proactively improving our service quality while optimizing operational performance. To deploy in the global market, we have penetrated into the environmental protection and alternative energy sectors, and now offers services in water treatment, clean rooms, and solar energy power station construction. Our ultimate goal is to build a comprehensive supply chain and service network that covers design, deployment, operation and maintenance. Our steady growth and rising revenue over the years is proof of client recognition of our professionalism and ability to integrate.


With a solid technology foundation, Topco Group continues to strengthen and expand its businesses to build a science and technology-driven Health Care industry. It incorporated healthy production and healthy services and successfully extended its reach into food technology and healthy living industries. For example, it created Anyong Fresh, a healthy supermarket brand providing selected food that are safe, fresh and convenient. It built Anyong Biotechnology, a processing plant in Mituo abide by standards of semi-conductor fabs, providing quality aquatic products with traceability and processing and freezing services for hire. It constructed ANYO Museum, a tourism factory that was recognized as a diamond-grade green building in Suao, Yilan County, integrating food and recreation. It has been actively cultivating ANYO Baseball Team, a strong player in Taiwan’s amateur baseball league and established a sports center to promote healthy and LOHAS lifestyles by providing sports events, entertainment, exercise and fitness activities.


From high-tech, environmental protection, alternative energy to better livelihood and healthcare, our growth and evolvement reflects our business success. Looking forward, as a global conglomerate that offers comprehensive and integrated services, we will stand by our mottos: ” Pursuit Supreme Quality; Make Outstanding Performance,” and continue to create a better life for people, and a better environment on earth.