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My Learning Passport

Words from our employee: My name is Sen-Wen Chen. I am a Project Assistant Manager from operation management department. I had business management background in school, but under the assistance from the HR department, I’ve attended management filed program from external institutes since I joined Topco. Though I feel overwhelmed sometimes, I successfully get the … Read more

Professional Development

It has been the third decade since Topco has established in 1990. The field of our business has expended from the wafer industry to the fields of advance technology in green energy, solar energy, LED lighting applications, green building materials, and water reuse. Owing to the needs in specialized training to face the business demands, … Read more

Joy at TOPCO

The Human Resource department and employee welfare committee arrange all kinds of activities for employees to release the pressure at work and enjoy the happiness at Topco. The activities include birthday parties, family days, departmental parties, and company excursion. We love to see the brightest smiles on our employee. 《TOPCO 30》Employee Baseball Game TOPCO Softball … Read more

Diversified Learning

Topco gives highly weight to employee training and development. According to the organizational strategy, task requirement and personal job performance Topco offers different training programs emphasizing in different perspectives to enhance employees’ professional skills. The training programs are varied based on the company’s growth for providing the up-to-date information and skills. Topco e-learning passport enables … Read more

Complete Training Programs

According to the organizational strategy, statement of wok, task requirement and personal job performance, the Human Resource department provides well-planned and intensive developing training programs to employees on your first day at Topco. Besides providing entry programs to new employees, Topco has a counselor system which offers guidance in all aspects. The various learning programs … Read more

Career Development

Employee training and development are the weapons of Topco success. We offer an environment of continuous learning for employees to cultivate and develop their professional skills. Owing to the rapid growth and business demands of the company, Topco has established the Topco e-learning college since 2008 to encourage the spirits of sustainable learning. When you … Read more

Employee Welfare

People are one of the most important assets of Topco. Sharing wealth is our commitment to employees. We offer a complete reward package of profit sharing, employee stock, high performance bonuses and year-end gratuity. Salary system: Competitive salary standard; the salary of each employee will be adjusted in proportion based on the company operation annually. … Read more


Being an employee at Topco, what we give you is not a job but an opportunity to participate in future. Topco Scientific will be your stage where you can show your talents. It is our promise to you and our customers of a leading technology and sustainable life. More than 384 staff persons were accepted … Read more