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Human Resource
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High Quality
Human Resource

Complete Training Programs

According to the organizational strategy, statement of wok, task requirement and personal job performance, the Human Resource department provides well-planned and intensive developing training programs to employees on your first day at Topco. Besides providing entry programs to new employees, Topco has a counselor system which offers guidance in all aspects. The various learning programs at Topco enhance a better understanding of job requirements to achieve the future success.

Entry program

According to the specialties and the job requirements, Topco not only supplies the basic internal knowledge management course of EIP to our new employees but also offers variety of professional learning programs such as investment management, international business, project management and so on.

Work skill training

Believing in On-Job training, Topco provides work skill trainings combined academic theory and practical experience together. Te work skill training includes semiconductor process, photo process, international trade business, import and export trade, LCD, LED and green building materials.

Engineer R&D training program

The engineer R&D training includes courses of new product and new technology, LCD industrial introduction, LED industrial introduction, semiconductor introduction, solar photovoltaic cell, and green building materials.

Strategic leadership program

This program provides training in problem analysis and solving, execution and performance, innovation and development and so on.

Business management program

This program provides training in business negotiation, business English, business information management and so on.

Specialized seminar program

The seminar includes the topics of health education, financial management, new entry and reserve cadre training, CRM and so on.

Mentor system

Since the very beginning as being a member of Topco, a senior employee will be designated as your mentor to guide you how to adjust the new life and work.

Job rotation system

For developing multifaceted employees, Topco has a systematic job rotation system providing a path to experience different work experiences and develop second professional skills.