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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a member of the society, Topco Group actively undertakes responsibilities and is willing to bring advancement and share with the society. We are devoted to innovation, academia development, industry-academia collaboration, and broadening the society’s understanding of a coming new era. Being a global citizen, we never waver from conscientious conducts and self-regulation. We are committed to solving critical human survival issues from a global perspective.

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Environmental Strategy

In the face of environmental challenges, we have practiced conserving energy, reducing carbon emissions, implementing energy conservation management platforms and e-business solutions, and increasing our use of energy saving bulbs. Moreover, in response to the global green energy trends, we have actively sought to enter new green ventures, expanded into the environmental industry, and developed more products and services on solar energy, green construction materials, and sludge and waste water treatment Our vow is to cherish the earth, protect the earth and improve the environment.

Until the end of 2018, we have installed numerous solar power plants with a capacity of more than 40 megawatts.

Project Number Electric Capacity (Kw) Annual Energy Output (kWh)
Public Works

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Innovation motivates progresses. To promote the competitiveness of Taiwanese businesses, Topco Group has hosted the “TSC Thesis Award” since 2008, a title acclaimed as the Academy Award for management scholars. We reward innovative thinking and cultivate talents through integrating resources from the industry and the academia. Ultimately we will be able to motivate industry advancement and enhance our competitiveness in the global market.
Topco Group has enhanced investment in innovation fields, and hosted the first “TSC Marketing Symposium” from 2016, in which participants verified theories of management and marketing by bringing out proposals and brainstorming in the Symposium for case studies. Topco Group aims to discover new branding and marketing talents which may boost marketing power for the business world going forward.

Cross-Border Cooperation

To promote collaboration between the academia and the industry, Topco Group sponsors the Taiwan Management Institute to publish the “International Journal of Commerce and Strategy” and actively seeks certification from major domestic and foreign databases. We also organize lectures, seminars, and training courses as a means to broaden the horizon of the younger generation and introduce important new ideas to Taiwan.
Moreover, Topco Group cooperates with the Global Brands Management Association in the project “Global Young Leaders for Global Markets,” and introduces international students studying in Taiwan from the ASEAN countries and India to work for Taiwan enterprises. We view this as a preparation for our future expansion into ASEAN and India markets.

Corporate Philanthropy

Regarding charity and community contribution, we enjoy giving back and sharing with the community, and fulfilling social responsibilities. We frequently assemble visiting groups to orphanages and other minority groups, donate solar water heaters to elementary schools in remote areas, and provide emergency relief for distressed areas devastated by natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes. With expertise and practical actions, we have proved ourselves committed to fulfilling corporate social responsibility and caring for humanity.

Sponsor of the National Sport

“Topco Falcons” is established in 2011 as a means to support the development of baseball, the most popular sport in Taiwan. Our goal in the current stage is to be the leader of amateur baseball teams, and we also aim to join the professional baseball league ultimately. Topco Falcons won the championship of the “Popcorn League” in 2014 and hosted the “Topco Baseball Festival” with Independent League from Japan. We are also committed to cultivating talented young baseball players by organizing the Happy Baseball Summer Camp every year.