High Quality
Human Resource
Employees are
the shareholders
High Quality
Human Resource

Employee Welfare

People are one of the most important assets of Topco. Sharing wealth is our commitment to employees. We offer a complete reward package of profit sharing, employee stock, high performance bonuses and year-end gratuity.

Salary system:

Competitive salary standard; the salary of each employee will be adjusted in proportion based on the company operation annually.

Bonus system:

To implement the philosophy of sharing wealth, Topco offers a bonus system to encourage employee’s working performance, and the bonus will be given based on personal performance and overall corporation operation.

Insurance system:

Besides the requirements of National Health Insurance and Labor Insurance, Topco offers group insurance for employee in order to ensure better and more complete insurance for livelihood and safety.

Performance assessment:

Topco has public and fare performance assessment systems. Annually employees can communicate in person with their supervisors in setting personal working objectives. Each year individual performance will be evaluated periodically as a reference for salary adjustment, bonuses, and promotion in the future.

Employee Benefits:

休假制度 : 依勞基法規範, 週休二日, 彈性上班。
退休制度 :
新制 – 每月提撥具新制年資同仁薪資6%。
舊制 – 每月提撥具舊制年資同仁薪資2%。
– 退休申請須於一個月前提出, 經負責人核准。
– 退休條件依勞動基準法第53條(自請退休)及第54條(強制退休)規定。
– 退休金管理委員會 : 資方代表3人(1人擔任主委), 勞方代表6人(1人擔任副主委)。



  1. 提供高額國內/國外旅遊補助
  2. 教育訓練補助、在職進修補助
  3. 員工婚喪喜慶、生育補助
  4. 提供員工制服(女性)
  5. 年終晚會、春酒
  6. 運動會/家庭日
  7. 關係企業及特約廠商購物與用餐優惠
  8. 早/午餐補助
  9. 特約托育機構合作