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Mr. Jeffery C.L. Pan

TOPCO has been devoted to the sales of components and equipment of Semiconductor, LCD, Opto-electronics, green energy and environmental protection industries as well as providing the professional system integration services based on our customers’ needs. We have been proactively improving our service quality while optimizing operational performance.

TOPCO keeps breaking our own sales records since we enthusiastically catch up with the developments of the market growth. Our business scales have been expanding along with the endless innovations of products and services. Since TOPCO established in 1990, our high-quality products and unique expertise in the integrative capabilities have especially won unanimous recognition from customers.

Along with the rapid growth of the enterprise, we not only accelerate our footsteps in developing and cultivating human resource but also executing MBO (Management By Objective) performance evaluation system. Both ways ensure the quality of TOPCO human resource to further achieve the highest operation performance. Meanwhile, we spare no efforts in integrating the differences between customers’ products and techniques. We reinforce our competence in global market in order to be under the spotlight of economic world.

As a leader of high tech industries and a provider of comprehensive and integrated service, we persist in practicing our mottos: “Diligence, Integrity, Professionalism, and Sharing”. We will continue our dedication, and excel as a true global conglomerate.