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Turbo Compressor & Blower is a team formed by technical experts that has developed turbine technology for more than 20 years, leading the global environmental industry based on direct-connected (direct-coupled) environmentally friendly turbine technology. Based on 100% oil-free air suspension bearing technology and high-efficiency energy-saving technology using air foil bearings, we provide a wide range of high-quality products. The full range of product categories provide the best solutions for all walks of life around the world.


Energy saving and high efficiency

  • Air bearing direct connection technology, air compressor can save more than 20% of electricity.
  • Air bearing direct connection technology, the blower can save 20%~57% of electricity compared with the Lu type.
  • High efficiency impeller.
  • Variable output settings, automatic adjustment of motor power consumption, to maintain high efficiency of equipment operation.
  • No additional friction.

Ultra-low vibration, low noise

  • Air suspension bearing ensures ultra-small vibration, less than 1 mm/sec.
  • The noise is lower than 85 dB, and the fan does not need to be equipped with sound insulation device.
  • There is no need to set up a special shock-absorbing foundation, and the installation is simple and flexible.

No lubricating oil

  • The system does not require lubricating oil at all.
  • Without all the disadvantages of an oil bearing system.

No heavy maintenance

  • No need for gearbox and oil bearing, adopt new technology impeller, motor does not use coupling, directly connected.
  • Smart control system.
  • Only need to replace the air filter regularly.

Convenient operation control

  • The fan speed, pressure, temperature, flow rate, etc. can be intelligently set and operated at constant pressure on the PLC.
  • Multiple sensors check to prevent overload operation, and realize unmanned operation through anti-surge control.
  • The fan adjusts the flow rate by adjusting the number of revolutions of the impeller.
  • The flow can be adjusted automatically and manually according to changes in the temperature and pressure of the intake air.

Small equipment installation space

  • Only 30~50% of the size of the same industry model.
  • The equipment is light in weight, small in size, and easy to install, which can save a lot of user space and auxiliary electrical control system and accessories investment.

Spec :

Achieve the agreement with the customer to regulate the air volume and pressure. The size of the equipment depends on the customer’s demand and consumption.

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