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Words From the Chairman of Topco Group

Co-Founder of Topco Scientific
Chairman of Topco Group

Dr. J.W. Kuo
  • 9th “National Distinguished Accomplishment Award”
  • 19th “National Manager Excellence Award”
  • 2017 “EY Entrepreneur Of The Year”

Continue Deployment in Prospective Industries and Be Ready for Global Issues

Topco Scientific has long been focusing on the fields of semiconductor, optoelectronics, and solar energy. We are committed to providing our clients with advanced, precise and efficient services, as part of our core value. In the face of unpredictable and rapidly changing industry cycles, we improve our services by distributing more market-dominant products, providing integrated solutions, proactively identifying clients’ needs and catching forward market trends. Moreover, we are dedicated to innovation and industry-academia collaboration. We also develop niche brands, while investing in prospective industries. We have transformed from an integrated solution supplier in the hi-tech sector to a well-diversified global service group.

Topco Scientific built a comprehensive supply network in the semiconductor kingdom of Taiwan, forging a trust-worthy partnership with clients. As the manufacturing technology of semiconductor is constantly advancing, Topco Scientific continues to introduce better products and actively constructs IC foundry service, assisting clients to adopt appropriate manufacturing technology and accelerate market entry of their products.

To address the rising awareness of environment protection and food safety, Topco Scientific actively seeks to own large-scale waste water treatment projects so to develop businesses in industrial waste cleaning and shipping and chemical drugs selling. At the same time, the company introduced TQM system to improve the process, continued to strengthen its performance and revenue. Besides, ANYO, the reinvested company, remains committed to the health and safety of consumers by providing products that are recognized by Monde Selection Gold Awards, such as silver perch essence. In addition, ANYO formed a cross-industry alliance with 7-ELEVEN, the leading retailer, to integrate virtual and physical cold chains and introduced frozen food into the convenience store. Moreover, Topco Scientific became the operator of sports courts and stadiums at National Taipei University, expanding its Health Care businesses.

The company, celebrating its 30th anniversary, will continue consolidate its root in the high-tech industry and deploy widely in Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, meet customers’ needs rapidly, develop circular economy and Health Care businesses, live up to its corporate social responsibilities, and pursue sustainable operation and growth.