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Words From the Vice Chairman of Topco Group

Vice Chairman of TOPCO GROUP

Dr. Robert Lai

Topco Group has invested in advanced technologies and strives to meet customers’ needs through consistent good quality, speedy delivery, and prompt service. Our steady growth and rising revenue over the years is proof of client recognition of our professional ability.

To pursue our corporate values and fulfill our responsibility as a member of the global village, we are dedicated to expanding our business on sound operation. We have utilized our high-tech expertise in the livelihood industry with considerable progress in various areas, i.e. food, healthcare, sports, and recreation. We have established “ANYONG Freshmart,” which provides safe, fresh and convenient food, as well as “Kanbo Biomedical,” a company that offers high-quality healthcare products. We have also founded the baseball team “Topco Falcons” in order to contribute to the development of baseball in Taiwan. Last but not least, we have established “Anyo Museum,“ which persists in the principle of Fresh Food x High-Tech x Fun, provides tasty cuisines and interactive installations to explore Taiwanese marine culture.

From high-tech, environmental protection, alternative energy to better livelihood and healthcare industries, our growth and evolvement reflects our business success. Looking forward, as a global conglomerate that offers comprehensive and integrated services, we will stand by our mottos: “Pursuit Supreme Quality; Make Outstanding Performance,” continue to create a better life for people, and a better environment on earth.