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  • Co-Founder of TOPCO Scientific
  • Chairman of TOPCO Group
Dr. J.W. Kuo

Foresee the future, act globally

With its long engagement in the semiconductor, optoelectronics, and solar energy fields, TOPCO provides its customers with excellent, right-to-the-point, and timely services to enhance its core value. In the face of the rapid-changing industries, TOPCO is always elevating itself by continuing to introduce strong products and offer leading-edge, professional integration services as well as proactively exploring customer needs and grasping future market trends. TOPCO not only devotes itself to innovative research and industry-academia cooperation but also to invests in forward-looking fields in many ways to become a high-tech integrated service provider and therefore an all-aspect global corporation

In Taiwan, the renowned “semiconductor kingdom”, TOPCO has established a prevalent supply network along with a reliable partnership with its customers. With the continuous advancement of semiconductor process technology, TOPCO not only continues to introduce superior products but also actively builds a wafer foundry service platform for its customers to adopt suitable manufacturing technology as well as to accelerate the time-to-market.

In response to the rising awareness of global environmental protection and food safety, TOPCO has won large-scale wastewater treatment project tenders and developed businesses in waste disposal and chemical sales; and it introduced the TQM workflow improvement system for even more sales and profit. In addition, ANYO Biotechnology, a company reinvested by TOPCO with a focus on consumers’ health, has won the Monde Selection Gold Awards for products such as Silver Perch Essence; in 2020, the company collaborated with 7-ELEVEN, the leading convenience store chain, to build a combined online/offline cold supply chain that introduces ANYO Fresh frozen food into convenience stores. Moreover, TOPCO also operates the sports facilities at Taipei University for its expanded health business.

As the company enters its second 30 years, TOPCO will continue to cultivate advanced technology fields, strengthen its market presence in China and Southeast Asia to quickly meet customer needs. TOPCO will also work on the economic ecosystems and general health business — not only to fulfill its corporate social responsibility but also to pursue sustainable business and corporate development.

Dr. Kuo's Column
  • 9th “National Distinguished Accomplishment Award”
  • 19th “National Manager Excellence Award”
  • 2017 “EY Entrepreneur Of The Year”